Title Language Size Date
codestat binary (DOS executable) [See also] English 50.8 kB 2002|02|15
codestat source code [See also] English 14.9 kB 2002|02|15

Role playing

Title Language Size Date
AD&D 2nd Ed. character cards for the DM [See also] German 31.7 kB 2000|02|17
AD&D 2nd Ed. character cards for the DM [See also] English 31.7 kB 2003|08|06
AD&D 2nd Ed. character sheets [See also] German 59.6 kB 2000|02|17
AD&D 2nd Ed. character sheets [See also] English 52.4 kB 2003|08|06
Calendar: World Of Krynn [See also] English 98.8 kB 2000|02|17
D&D 1st Ed. character sheet [See also] German 16.2 kB 2000|02|20
Great Spellbook of AD&D [See also] English 2.0 MB 2000|02|17
Tables for spell casters [See also] German 47.6 kB 2000|02|17


Title Language Size Date
Audiospot MI 2 [See also] German 651.6 kB 1999|01|01
Calculation of Internet Communities [See also] German 213.8 kB 2000|02|16
Cyc - Computer mit Verstand? [See also] German 190.9 kB 2001|06|13
Discourse on "From Dusk Till Dawn" [See also] German 508.7 kB 1998|06|24
Konturdetektion bei Herzbildern mit Hilfe des Tensor Voting Verfahrens [See also] German 2.8 MB 2003|11|11
Newsroom Systeme [See also] German 320.5 kB 1999|01|21
Physikalische Simulation von Objekten [See also] German 758.9 kB 2002|04|26
Programmieren I [See also] German 47.5 kB 1999|12|09
Programmieren II [See also] German 94.0 kB 2000|02|16
Show SWR3 [See also] German 490.9 kB 1998|11|23


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